📇NFTs are Passports

Welcome to xHype! In our platform, our series of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are known as Passports. Each vertical, such as xTravel, xGiftCards, and more, has its own set of Passports with unique conditions.

Within each vertical, you'll find various levels of Passports. These levels grant you access to greater advantages as you climb higher tiers.


These NFTs serve as digital certificates for your tier and can be found on a secondary marketplace in a later phase. This gives you the opportunity to buy, sell, and trade these NFTs with other users, adding an exciting and speculative component to your participation on our platform.

In summary, by acquiring levels on our platform, you not only gain lifelong benefits but also contribute to the stability and appreciation of our native token.


One of the most interesting aspects is how our levels and NFTs interact with our native token. To acquire levels, you can use XHP, USDT, or USDC, and once you have reached your desired levels, you will obtain the corresponding tier based on the option you have chosen. Furthermore, to maintain the value of our token, tiers acquired with XHP will be burned, which helps alleviate selling pressure and generates greater demand in the market. If you have acquired tiers with USDT or USDC, a buyback will be initiated, followed by burning.

It is important to highlight that the acquisition of each tier only requires a one-time payment in a lifetime. Once a user has purchased a tier, they will enjoy the associated benefits for life, as long as they wish to keep their tier active. This means there will be no recurring charges or additional fees to access the advantages of their level.

This innovative approach allows us to alleviate potential selling pressure in the market and generate solely buying pressure for our native token. By reducing the supply of circulating tokens, we increase their potential value and create a favorable environment for investors and users of our platform.

Additionally, as more users join our community and acquire different levels, the demand for our native token will increase. This can generate additional momentum in its value and provide long-term benefits for those who own our tokens.


Now, let's take a look at an example of Passports from the xTravel and xGiftCards vertical.

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